About PASS

One of our main project’s in Palestine today is the Palestinian Startup Support Program-PASS, a comprehensive program funded by the Korean Agency for International Cooperation-KOICA. The project aims to help catalyze job creation and employment through the vitalization of the start-up ecosystem in the West bank and East Jerusalem. As such PASS is the first project that allows Palestinian entrepreneurs and start-ups to acquire the required assistance, training, coaching, and linkages at any stage of the start-up life cycle.


The project aims to help catalyze job creation and employment through the vitalization of startup ecosystem in West Bank, and East Jerusalem. In order to be able to achieve this objective, the project will target not only the entrepreneurs, but also the educational system responsible for promoting the value of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The project will enhance the capacity of entrepreneurship for universities & students through the introduction of a multidisciplinary capstone program which will expose students to real life problems faced by industry and business, and organize student teams to address these problems and identify potential solutions that are applicable and economically feasible. This program will improve the students analytical and problem-solving skills as well as teamwork and communication, while exposing them to real life problems requiring concrete solutions. Additionally, the project will address the development of innovation within the Palestinian higher education sector through supporting innovative projects implemented within universities. By promoting the development of such projects and their subsequent commercialization the project helps promote high value-added entrepreneurship. To further develop entrepreneurship, the project will Identify and develop viable business ideas among young Palestinian entrepreneurs. It will provide support to these entrepreneurs through skills development and coaching based on modern startup development approaches to refine their business ideas. Those entrepreneurs that succeed in refining their ideas will benefit from opportunities to boost early-stage startups and accelerate startups growth.

What PASS Offers

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PASS Partner Universities

PASS Program has partnered up with 5 prominent Palestinian Universities to encourage undergraduate students early-on to become entrepreneurs, be part of Palestine’s start-up ecosystem, and find alternative paths to traditional employment. Therefore, if you are an ambitious student who wants to take hold of your life early on and is enrolled any of our partner universities, you may be eligible to benefit from any or both of our programs below

Did you ever come up with a brilliant idea and did not know to do next? Do you have a technology-related project within your university but do not know how to take it to the market?

Well then, this program is right for you!

Our ‘Commercialization’ program will allow 30 Student-teams across the 5 partner universities to present their ideas, receive training and mentoring to evolve them, and funding to advance them.

If you believe that your idea is strong enough to compete to be one of the top 30 chosen, then check-out the link below:


Do you have to select a university elective but are not interested in the traditional ones? Do you like challenging yourself and being the first to take a new entrepreneurial elective? Do you want to meet interesting students from other departments?

Well now you can, apply early on to enrol in the newest “Entrepreneurial Elective”

You will get a chance to create a “Minimum Viable Product” for your course project, rather than do yet another report!


As an entrepreneur, you can find the best fit for you, to start your journey tell us whether you are a university student or a graduate/employee and we will tell you more


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