The second component in our PASS program is the “Multidisciplinary Capstone”, this component will work alongside the 5 partner universities to introduce advanced entrepreneurial curriculums as electives for business and engineering students across the selected universities.

This elective will be the first of its kind to be introduced into Palestine, not only will it be comprehensive for 5 universities, but it will also introduce students to advanced entrepreneurial and technological concepts early on. It is meant to give them the corner stones to successfully create their own tech-start-ups in the future.

For the successful implementation of this project, local and international expertise will work alongside the universities to develop the Capstone curriculum. Students enrolled in it, will be asked to work on an end of term project, where teams will develop Minimum Viable Products. This approach is meant to introduce students to creative and innovative thinking, and the basic concepts of mobile application development. Two skills that are highly essential in today’s market.