This stage of “Boosting Early Stage Start-ups” fulfills the components coming before it. Many of the programs we undertake at Leaders Organization are meant to strengthen pipeline of strong entrepreneurs and start-ups to allow them to benefit from advancing at the upcoming stages and receiving follow-on investment. As such this stage is meant to introduce blooming start-ups to the important factors needed for advancement.

The component will entail important trainings using the “Lean Start-up Approach”, where entrepreneurs, under the supervision of experts and mentors, learn how to improve their business models, and financial plans, to enable them to grow their start-ups, build a Minimum Viable Product, to acquire customers.

This component will assist 40 start-ups to advance, both technically and financially, in addition, to giving them the opportunity to gain from international experience, through being hosted in an incubator in Korea for four months, as part of KOICA’s contribution to empowering Palestinian youth, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, and advancing their technical and creative thinking.