PASS Application (Early-Stage Startup Boost)

This stage of “Boosting Early-Stage Startups” is meant to strengthen a pipeline of strong entrepreneurs to allow them to benefit from advancing at the upcoming stages and receiving follow-on investment. As such, this stage is meant to introduce blooming startups to the important factors needed for advancement.

The component of this program will entail important trainings using the “Lean Start-up Approach”, where entrepreneurs, under the supervision of experts and mentors, learn how to improve their business models and financial plans, to enable them to grow their startups, build a Minimum Viable Product, and to acquire customers.

We only have five spots left for new startups to join another 15 strong startups already enrolled in the program.

Deadline for applications: August 25, 2018

Applicant can fill out this application individually or with a team (up to 5 team members)
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