The selection of the commercialization teams, from the five partner universities, will be conducted according to the following timeline, and based on the criteria below:

Application Sourcing 

The first stage of the application is a sourcing process, to automatically reject applications, based on the criteria below:

Criteria Decision/Weight
Idea that has no technological components Rejected app
Teams of only professors Rejected app
Applications with no ideas (problems and solutions) Rejected app
Applications from universities other than the selected 5 Rejected app
Pure hardware manufacturing applications Rejected app
Total /100
Application Screening/ Technical Committee Review 

The application screening will be conducted based on the criteria below, as a rigid scoring system. The screening is conducted via a Technical committee, composed of representatives from the Korean Agency for International Cooperation (KOICA), the Ministry of Telecommunication & Information Technology (MTIT) and Leaders Organization.

The Committee will take place on Tuesday 3rd of July, 2018.

The Initial results will be E-mailed to the selected teams to invite them to be part of the competition on Wednesday 4th of July, 2018

Criteria Decision/Weight
Level of Innovation (breakthrough) 30%
Economic Impact of the idea (Market Opportunity) 15%
Feasibility, and Effectiveness to implement within the period of the program 20%
Scalability (regional and international) 15%
Team Diversity 20%
Total /100
Pitch Presentation Competition Criteria

The competition will be the final stage of the selection process, where the same committee will form a Panel for the team to present to. 

Each team is expected to present their ideas for 3 Minutes, then the committee will have 2 minutes for questions. The Judging will be conducted according to the criteria below.

The competition will be held over 2 days on Monday, July 9th and Tuesday, July 10th at Leaders Organizations Offices. 

30 Teams will be selected after the competition to be officially part of the Commercialization Program. An announcement will be sent via E-mail on Thursday, July 12th. 

Criteria Decision/Weight
Ability to present a comprehensive Idea in (3 Minutes) 25%
Validity and Strength of Answers to the Committee 25%
Team Presentation skills and commitment 25%
Comparativeness to other teams competing 25%
Total /100